Innovation Joint Research Unit.

Campus La Gaillarde – 2 place Viala – Bat 27 34060 Montpellier

The Innovation Joint Research Unit undertakes research on situated innovation, i.e., an innovation taking place in a specific context, involving actors who innovate to address a wide variety of development issues.

We analyze these actors’ systems (practices, strategies, discourses, networks, institutional context, etc.). We address several thematic domains: agricultural production systems, agrifood products and markets, access to food and consumer practices, territorial planning and urban agriculture, and R & D and advisory organizations. These themes are addressed at various levels (farm, territory, market, public policy, etc.), based on field work which focuses on and compares case studies. The Joint Research Unit has gained international recognition not only for its publications and thematic expertise in the agricultural and food sector, but also for its theoretical and methodological productions on innovation and development.


Introduction to the scientific project

The Innovation Joint Resarch Unit aims at producing scientific knowledge and informing societal debates on innovation by discussing, analyzing, supporting and assessing innovation processes for sustainable development. Its research focuses on analyzing agricultural and food systems at the territorial level. It contributes to an understanding of the coexistence or confrontation between several development models. Our scientific project is based on four cross-cutting issues.

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