Biogas Bree” ammonium sulphate from digestate process. .


The NUTRIMAN project, a thematic Nitrogen and Phosphorus network that gathers knowledge for products, technologies, applications, and practices of recovered bio-based fertilizers. Within the framework of the project, we would like to present, an innovative product that is presented on Nutriman’s farmer platform and is available on the market. This month we desire to present you the “Biogas Bree” ammonium sulphate from digestate process. 


The Biogas Bree uses a chemical air scrubber to limit ammonia emissions of the drying of (solid fraction of) digestate. Washing the exhaust air with sulphuric acid leads to a by-product: drainage water of ammonia sulphate considered mineral NS fertilizer. Sedimentation in a storage tank allows a pure, transparent ammonia sulphate to be extracted without risking congestion at application. The Biogas Bree’s as pH is usually between 4 and 5,5 depending on the adjustment of the acid scrubber.

The ammonium sulphate (AS) contains around 8% N & 25% SO4. This allows the AS to perfectly meet the nitrogen and especially sulphur requirements of crops, e.g. cabbages, crops, lettuce, potato, onions, celery, leek, cereals, sugar beets, maize, etc. Contents of pH, nitrogen or Sulphur can be further optimised by mixing with e.g. urea (classic liquid nitrogen fertilizer). Based on soil analysis results (N&S), the crop requirement and the soil type etc. the correct dosage should be calculated. Commonly however the dosage often fluctuates around 1m3 per hectare. To make optimum use of its effect as a fertiliser, it is desirable to make the product very specifically available to the plant, either at the start of cultivation or in the form of additional fertilisation. To avoid the risk of burning during the administration of ammonium sulphate, especially in windy and sunny weather new specific application techniques are used such as a drag hose or spoked wheel fertilisation. 


Input material: mix of manure, organic wastes and positive FOD and/or energy maize.


Nutriment content info: 8% N% (fw), 25% SO4 (fw)


Recommended crops: potato, wheat & spelt, cabbage crops, lettuce, onions, celery, leek, cereals, sugar beets, maize, temporary and permanent grassland.


Type of farming: Conventional



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