Macrowine 2020.

8th International Macrowine Conference on macromolecules and secondary metabolites of grapevine and wine

June 22nd- 24th 2020
Camera di Commercio, Verona, Italy

Macrowine 2020 will be the forum to discuss advances, challenges and future directions in wine research, with a particular focus on diversity and unicity of viticultural and winemaking practices in the context of climate change and global markets.

General topics of the Conference

  • Grapevine diversity for a sustainable viticulture
  • Microbial ecology from vineyard to bottle
  • Novel tools and strategies for precision and sustainable varietal and regional enology
  • Wine longevity and shelf-life
  • Chemical diversity of 'special' wine styles: fortified wines, passito-style, botrytized and ice wines, orange wines, sparkling wines
  • Physiology of chemosensory perception, sensory science, consumers perception