Portable Tractor unit Sweeper and Solid carbon-actived Biofuel Harvester of Organic Wastes Combine .

 Screw press is used in designing this machine The needed power for running this machine which is estimated as 17.4 kW is provided by the PTO of usually general rural available machine The tractor. The Bio refine and densification rural and the level of consumer knowledge. The speed of the machine is considered to be 375 RPM. Finally, the WEF parameters for a good renewable Energy definitely matched. physical and mechanical properties of the product were compared with utilized material which resulted in appropriate outcomes. This machine is designed for giving rural clean and useful of recycling Organic wastes. so designed for Gathering Raw materials of the ground by Head Section. During delivering he raw materials to innovative Bio refinery section, they Crushed, Milled and Pre-Heated in Transmission section. This machine is a Combine Portable Tractor unit machine and can use all type of Agriculture, Forest and Livestock Animals Resides as Raw material to make Bio fuel. The final production Section was manufactured and it successfully made bio fuel of Sawdust. Also, this machine made a biofuel with Ethanol of sugarcane wastes. The screw press type is defined with capable axial and 45-degree force or pressure making as Briquette and bio-refinery machine consists of fuel feeding system feed screw, power transmission system die or barrel and a dying heater. Preheater raw materials and smoke removal system is incorporated into the system to improve the efficiency and environmental conditions

Published in Global Innovation Exchange

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