La Morinière “IFP” group, Tree apple technical managers North/Loire valley, France.

La Morinière “IFP” apple technical manager group includes 40 apple technical managers of North of France.

The IFP group was created to support the development of Integrated Fruit Production in the Nord Loire Basin for the cultivation of apples and pears. This group of technicians is a real place of exchange which allows the diffusion, in others, of the means of alternative and traditional fight against pests.

Each year, there is an annual meeting in November at La Morinière station to exchange about the season of apple production, difficulties and to present experimental results.

The meeting took place on November, 26th 2018.


  • Scab protection is an important part of this annual meeting. Scab is the most important fungal diseases for the growers (40 to 50% of the treatments in the orchard).There is a high expectation from producers and technicians to find alternatives to synthetic fungicides against scab. Biocontrol trials on scab are very interesting for arboriculture.


  • orchard technical manager and 36 apple technical managers


  • 1-day technical meeting at La Morinière experimental station


  • Technicians are interested in the results. Some of them will test the biocontrol with SDP/Phosphate in commercial orchards next season

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