Co-design workshop for apple in Czech Republic .

The Friendly Fruit project is reaching apple and strawberry producers and disseminating through different channels (workpackage 3). For apple the project has a bottom-up approach based on discussion and exercises with farmers (co-designing).


  • This co-design workshop on December 10-11th 2018 aimed to define consistent changes in row/inter-row management of apple orchard for a Czech farmer (working with Danone).


  • technicians and researchers from INRA Gotheron,
  • supplier and project managers from Danone,
  • Czech researchers were gathered with the objective to support the Czech farmer in the step of change.


  • first day was a visit of the farmer’s orchards
  • second day was around a table, to exchange knowledge and propose practices suitable with his farm management. 


  • New sustainable practices for row/inter-row management were defined and a protocol was proposed to test their performance to improve soil water retention in the Czech farm.
  • This method answers the ambition of Friendly Fruit: foster changes by farmers towards sustainable practices. 



        French team in the Czech farmer’s orchard            Photography of the group during co-design workshop

Contact information

If you would like more information please contact

Annabelle Richard, INRA UERI Gotheron, 

Anna Galonska, DANONE,