Online Multiplier Event - NOVASOIL project .

The EU project NOVASOIL aims to highlight the benefits for society and the environment of investment in soil health.

 The main objectives of the training entitled “The NOVASOIL project presentation” are:

  • to inform about the NOVASOIL research project
  • to involve and invite different stakeholders
  • to present different project activities that will develop during the project life cycle

During this multiplier event, you will hear about the project in general and the specific objectives. The focus will be on the expected outcomes, as well as on presenting all the work packages in detail. Moreover, the case studies that are involved in the project will also be presented.

 This multiplier event will be the opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas regarding the project and problems related to the soil in the fruit and vegetable sector and to foster the dissemination of solutions by strengthening collaboration.

 This free event addresses producer organizations, farmers, cooperatives, professional organizations, policymakers, regions, industries, small and medium enterprises, scientific communities and other stakeholders related to the agri-food sector.


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