Innovative technology: "BMC Moerdijk" - NUTRIMAN Project .


The Nutriman Project, thematic nitrogen and phosphorus network that gathers knowledge for products, technologies, applications, and practices of recovered bio-based fertilizers. As part of this project, we want to present you with an innovative technology that is presented on the Nutriman agricultural platform and that is available on the market. AREFLH desire to present you this month an innovative technology "BMC Moerdijk" - Technology for P recovery as PK  fertilizers from the ash of poultry manure with the thermochemical process. 

BMC Moerdijk burns poultry litter and concerns this into electricity and a valuable PK fertilizer and has proven to offer poultry farmers a reliable solution for their poultry litter all year round. Every year BMC Moerijik incinerates about 430.00 tonnes poultry litter and produces 292.000 MWH gross and 57.000 tonnes PK fertilizer. 

The Pk fertilizer is derived from the hydrated ash of the incinerated poultry manure. Poultry manure is obtained from poultry farms in the Netherlands meeting EU compliance for animal production. The output material is an inorganic Pk fertilizer from the hydrated ash. After the process, it's a powder that could be milled and pelletized/granulated in further preparation steps if desired. The fertilizer has a neutralizing value due to the presence of hydrated burnt lime and fertilizer contains secondary and micro-nutrients.

The main nutrients are phosphorus and potassium, with a content of 10% P2O5,12%  K2O and other nutrients 20% CaO,7% SO3,5% MgO.

The efficacy of the product was tested in pot trials and field experiments und real farming conditions. 

The product has a low content of contaminants, e.g. heavy metals (Cd, As, Pb), no organic compounds, and is free of pathogens. The application doses/ha is depending on the P, K nutrient needs of the crop and P, K-nutrient status of the soil.


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