A Survey in "Biological Fertilizers".


AREFLH is a partner of NUTRIMAN, a Nitrogen and Phosphorus thematic network compiling knowledge for recovered bio-based fertilizer products, technologies, applications and practices. This month we wish to inform you about the launch of Task 2.4 - Evaluation of the reduced list of technologies and products by the potential end-users: farmer consultation and identification of incentives and bottlenecks for adaption. 

This activity consists of a participatory approach, which involves end-users from the start, which will ensure greater availability to adopt the results of the demonstration tests. First, single semi-structured interviews with end-users will be conducted by the region and by the type of agricultural production. These interviews will provide information on the willingness of farmers, growers, to adopt practices, products, from the shortlist by implementing a behaviour approach e.g. as in the theory of planned behaviour. 

AREFLH would like to invite you to participate directly in the survey by answering the questionnaires in the desired language.  The questionnaires are available in eight languages. 

Click here to participate in the survey: https://nutriman.net/survey

Please find below the survey link in the eight European Languages:

 Spanish: https://nutriman.net/survey/es

Italian: https://nutriman.net/survey/it

French: https://nutriman.net/survey/fr

Dutch: https://nutriman.net/survey/nl

German: https://nutriman.net/survey/de

Polish: https://nutriman.net/survey/pl

Hungarian: https://nutriman.net/survey/hu







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