Technology for N recovery as enriched manure with in-field acidification system using sulphuric acid (ID:277).


Nutriman is a Nitrogen and Phosphorus thematic network complaining knowledge for recovered bio-based fertiliser products, technologies, applications and practices. In the framework of the Nutriman thematic network, wish to put forward an innovative technology available on the market. 

SYREN SYSTEM - Stabilisation of slurry

The SyreN system uses acidification technology to reduce ammonia emissions by up to 70%. Sulphuric acid is injected into the slurry to lower the pH during application in the field which results in a nitrogen utilization rate of 70% to 85%. Treatment in the field is flexible and can be adjusted to changing weather conditions which greatly influences emissions. The dose rate of sulphuric acid can be adjusted to the crop need for sulphate fertilizer with good economic results. A special feature of the SyreN system is using the transport Bulk Carrier as an acid tank with the system. This method creates a safe to use the system, as there is no refilling/handing of the acid at the user end. In addition, the IBC is standard approved for public ADR rules. The system is positioned in the front hitch of the tractor, which facilitates loading of the IBC tank, and offsets weight from the slurry tanker to the tractor. PM 2.5 air pollution is reduced by 20% and with a significant GHG emission reduction. It is also a World Class Biodiversity protection. SyreN System offers economic legislative compliance with EU directives. 

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