Mountain Green-Climate.

Du 01/07/2018 au 31/12/2019

The production sector based on plant production is one of the most exposed to climate changes and potential negative effects caused by anthropization. The estimation of these impacts on quali-quantitative aspects of fodder production shows a series of critical points, such as the identification of adaptation strategies focused on alleviating the negative impacts and increasing the resilience of these production systems. The critical points are:

  • evaluation of the impact of certain climate change scenarios on the development e growth of a single species and on their capacity to compete for resources with species already present in the same phytocoenosis
  • difficulty of generating climate scenarios that take into account the orographic effect on the meteorological variables due to important areas of fodder production, being situated in mountainf or hills
  • necessity of understanding potentials induced by anthropization on the healthiness of fodder in hilly-mountain areas, along the food chain and their nutritional values

The specific objectives are:

  1. Creating a support system for correct management choices of pastures in mountain areas, as a result of present and future climate changes, through information aimed at maximizing resilience
  2. Giving information on the added value of a "mountain product" in order to be used in its development

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