Carbon Farming : Experimenting Soil Carbon Sequestration Deployment in Farming Systems .

Du 01/09/2019

Soils have a huge yet untapped potential to help address climate change and make progress towards a carbon neutral or carbon negative agriculture sector. Designing an agricultural SCS project requires inter alia a shared vision across stakeholders, a business model and a monitoring system.

The objectives of the Carbon Farming programme are to scale up and consolidate transformative cases by defining transition requirements at farm and landscape levels to sequestrate more carbon in agricultural soils, by co-designing solutions with local stakeholders, by monitoring and certification of soil carbon sequestration and by developing scaling out mechanisms (including financial tools) for agricultural Soil Carbon Sequestration (SCS).A new tool (SAFY-CO2) using satellite data will be developped to this end.The programme will start in Europe but will quickly scale out to other continents. It will engage with committed demand owners.

The project starts with demand owners from two ongoing transformative cases (in France and Switzerland) already engaged in the development of low carbon agri-food chains. It will consolidate and scale-up these transformative cases in the time frame of the project i.e. until 2021. In 2020, based on learning from the 2 initial cases and on the development of the Deep Demonstrator, it will select additional transformative cases and engage with them for scaling up. In addition, it will develop de-risking and guarantee mechanisms for farmers and businesses, as well as a plan for a European label on low-carbon food products and, based on the assessment of transition requirements it will plan for integrated services for scaling out to other transformative cases. Raising additional funds for other cases is part of the proposal.



The outcomes expected from this project are:

- 3 to 5 success stories showing transformed ecosystems generating soil carbon sequestration and profits for farmers, businesses and other stakeholders, further success stories in each European country after 5 years

- a product for easy measure of soil carbon sequestration including a mobile app de-risking and guarantee mechanisms for farmers and businesses

- a plan for a European label on carbon farming (low carbon) food products

- a delivery plan for integrated services for scaling out carbon farming

The project aims to generate funding for a European programme transforming agricultural production across Europe through 25 transformative cases in 5 years. The outcomes of the programme are tools and learnings that will accelerate the transformation of farming systems as carbon sinks.


Dissemination of project results

The project outcomes and legacy will be disseminated through a powerful network of associated initiatives at global (e.g. 4 per 1000 initiative) and European (member states, regions, farmer’s movements, corporates and European Commission) scales and through online communities of stakeholders. Each transformative case will be described as a project in Agrisource.




This project is funded by EIT Climate-KIC : 

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