South Pole Group.

Technoparkstrasse 1 8005 Zurich

 The Global Pioneer in Sustainability Solutions

We put our decade's worth of experience to work and solve your sustainability challenges: since 2006, we have successfully developed over 500+ emission reduction projects in - among others - renewables, forestry, agriculture, industry, as well as urban mitigation and adaptation. Every day, in over 30 different countries, our team of global experts demonstrates the realities of sustainable solutions for our clients - from the United Nations to the world's leading financial institutions to top notch consumer goods brands and more.
Turning Theory into Reality

Based on our local knowledge and global reach, we tailor our solutions to best suit your needs. We facilitate cooperation between partners in various domains of sustainability. Rely on our solutions for carbon credits, renewable energy, supply chain and investment climate risks, green finance, and public advisory services with a focus on climate smart cities. So far, our efforts, along with those of our partnering clients, have created strong positive impacts for commerce and communities alike:

  • 80+ million tonnes of CO2 saved (around quarter (25%) of the annual national GHG emissions of France)
  • Developed over 500+ projects in renewables, forestry, agriculture, industry, households and public institutions
  • Screened the climate footprint of over USD 2 trillion of investments
  • Mobilised over USD 10 billion for clean energy investments in emerging markets
  • Enabled production of more than 100,000 GWh of renewable energy (around 30% of the annual national electricity consumption of the United Kingdom)
  • Protected or restored over 55,000 km2 of land (around the area covered by the state of Florida, USA)
  • Helped create nearly 70,000 jobs in developing countries (more than half of the total number of employees of Coca Cola)

Profit For Purpose

We are 'for-profit' and passionately 'for-the-planet' at the same time. Our mission is to show you how your enterprise or organisation can be too. In the wake of the Paris COP21 climate conference, we are determined to turn climate change into an enormous opportunity for companies and organisations alike, and get them #readyfor2020!

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