Office National des Forêts.

2, avenue de Saint-Mandé 75570 Paris Cedex 12

Public, industrial and commercial establishment created in 1964, the National Office of Forests manages nearly 11 million hectares of public forests belonging to the State and local authorities.

Various missions for a managed forest

Every day, foresters look after the maintenance, development and renewal of forests and natural areas. At the heart of these actions, a postulate: the French forest is a space with multiple resources. Its management makes it possible to reconcile three inseparable objectives: to meet the needs of the men thanks to the production and the harvest of wood, to preserve the environment and to welcome the public.

Missions in the service of the prevention of natural risks

At the request of the State, the NOF performs several missions of general interest in the field of natural hazards:

• protection of the coastline, thanks in particular to actions to stabilize the dunes;

• restoration of mountain terrain, with eleven teams dedicated to maintaining the forested forest area and to the fight against avalanches;

• Defending forests against fires thanks to the expertise of more than 200 specialized foresters.

An activity in the competitive field

The NOF also offers services to communities, businesses and individuals wishing to enhance their natural areas. Actions at the crossroads of economic, ecological and social issues that make the NOF a key player in the service of sustainable development and energy transition.

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