Kasetsart University.

50 Ngam Wong Wan Rd, Ladyaow Chatuchak 10900 Bangkok

Vision and Mission


Kasetsart University devote itself to the task of accumulating and developing intellectual knowledge. It thrives for the growth in academic wisdom including ethical and moral excellence. In addition, it has a responsibility to play a leading role in keeping our Thai heritage alive and to ensure that it continues to grow to enrich the civilization of the notion.


Kasetsart University aims to provide ‘Knowledge of the Land' to promote sustainable development in our country in order to be internationally recognized.


The primary mission of Kasetsart University is:

To create intellectual and sensible human resources with virtue and public consciousness;

To be a hub of local wisdom, to create and develop diversified knowledge, and to produce high-standard and competitive output;

To work with local communities and embrace social responsibilities;

To maintain and strengthen art, culture and the identity of the university;

To manage the university’s resources effectively.

Core Values

Achievement orientation, solidarity, and integrity


Kasetsart University is committed to establishing ‘Knowledge of the Land” to promote well-being throughout our nation.



IDKU : Integrity , determination,knowledge creation and unity.


Kasetsart University strives to meet its goal to become strongly sustainable as the ‘University of the Land’ by combining its strength in agricultural sciences with the King's philosophy, as well as local and global science. It is hoped that this combination will produce academic output and impact to ensure the leading status of the university, making it become:

  • a green university;
  • a happy university;
  • a research university;
  • a world-class university;
  • a socially responsible university

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