Agriculture and Drought.


Wednesday 20 June at Murviel-Lès-Montpellier

16:30 Presentation of an experimental system of fert- irrigation
RV Station de lagunage, RD 27 E, route de Saint Georges d'Orques

18:00 Presentations and debate

Projections of climate change show signs of an increasingly drier climate in average with less abundant and especially more variable water resources as we saw in the spring of 2018. In the Mediterranean basin, whose climate is contrasted, intense and more frequent droughts are expected, as well as
a rise of temperatures (from 3 to 5 ° C) accompanied by changes in rainfall.

In Murviel-Lès-Montpellier access to water for irrigation will condition in the near future the maintenance of agricultural activity, mainly viticulture. In the same territory, the wastewater treatment plant discharges, in addition to the treated effluent, large quantities of nitrogen and phosphorus into the environment and increases the pollution pressure.

In this context, the reuse of treated wastewater for irrigation appears as a relevant solution for 1) reducing pollution and preserving the sensitive environment 2) facilitating farmers' access to water for irrigation and 3) valorizing nutrients from wastewater for agronomic purposes


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