Climate Action for Sustainable Rice Landscapes.

COP24 Side Event Invite: Climate Action for Sustainable Rice Landscapes

When: Monday December 10th 2018 | 09h00 - 10h30

Where: Global Environment Facility (GEF) Pavilion, Zone H #2, International Congress Centre, Katowice, Poland

We are delighted to invite you to our COP24 side event on Sustainable Rice Landscapes, hosted by the Global Environment Facility and the Sustainable Rice Landscapes Initiative.

What is the purpose of the Sustainable Rice Landscapes (SRL) Initiative?

Multiple solutions exist today for sustainable rice cultivation. At scale, these approaches can make a huge impact to meet national-level GHG targets under the Paris Agreement, as well as restore degraded landscapes, conserve biodiversity and support smallholders. However, additional resources are needed to support an inclusive program of widespread multi-lateral actions across entire rice-growing regions.

The Sustainable Rice Landscapes Initiative is co-led by a unique consortium of public, private, research and civil society partners who bring together the technological, ecological, social, political and market-led solutions for rice sustainability.

This initiative promotes proven best practices and innovative technologies, and links farmers to markets to generate a range of global environmental benefits including enhanced biodiversity, ecosystem resilience, increased water and fertilizer use efficiency, reduced chemical pollution and lower GHG emissions from rice-based production.

Event objective: Present and discuss scale up for Sustainable Rice solutions at the landscape level


 Pascal Martinez, Senior Environmental Specialist, Global Environment Facility (GEF)

  • Imelda Bacudo, Director, ASEAN Climate Resilience Network, Consultant, GIZ
  • Dr. Chu Van Chuong, Deputy Director General, Vietnam Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD)
  • Mark Radka, Branch Chief, Energy, Climate and Technology, UN Environment
  • Dr. Reiner Wassman, Lead Scientist, Climate Change, International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)
  • Mette Wilke, Chief, Forestry Policy and Resources Division, UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)


  • Tony Siantonas, Regional Lead, Climate Smart Agriculture, World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)

Rice facts at a glance

  • Rice is the daily staple for over 3.5 billion people, accounting for 19% of dietary energy globally
  • Rice provides livelihoods for over 1 billion people
  • Rice is produced on 160 million hectares, mostly by 144 million smallholders in Asia
  • Rice uses around 40% of the world’s irrigation water for production
  • Rice is responsible for up to 10% of global methane emissions
  • Rice GHG emissions are equivalent to global aviation or the nation of Germany
  • Rice fields represent 15% of the world’s wetlands and associated biodiversity
  • Rice production must increase by 25% by 2050 to meet global demand