CLIM4VITIS DAYS   09-12 July 2019           

UNIFI, Florence, Italy

The project Clim4vitis* organises a 2-days Workshop and Staff exchange.

The participation in the 2-days Workshop and Staff exchange will award:

  • Agronomists and technicians with 0,5 CFP/workshop/day and 0,5 CFP/staff exchange.

*Clim4vitis is a Coordination and Support Action (CSA) project, funded by the European Commission under the Twinning instrument of the Horizon 2020 Programme. The project aims to promote knowledge transfer and science and technology (S&T) capacity building in viticulture and climate changeClim4Vitis will devise new methods and tools for modelling grapevines, and for assessing climate change impacts on European viticulture. More information on


This workshop will focus on the methodologies used for assessing climate change impacts in the viticulture sector. The keynote speakers will provide an overview on the current methods used for evaluating the impacts of climate change on grapevine behaviour. After each presentation, the audience will be engaged on the topics presented. A final round table will address the main findings discussed during the workshop.

The workshop will have EN-IT/IT-EN simultaneous translation 

Target audience: researchers from partner institutions, agronomist and stakeholders from the winemaking sector, MSc and PhD students.


The staff exchange event will provide an effective knowledge transfer among Clim4Vitis partners. The speakers will address viticulture topics from different points of view, providing a general focus on the state of art and current research activities in this sector. This event is expected to promote exchanges of methodologies and best practices among partners.

The event language will be English.

Target audience: researchers from partner institutions, UNIFI researchers, teaching and research staff, MSc and PhD students.


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