"Terra-Preta, a biochar product recovered from wood chips and processed by the “3R” high-temperature pyrolysis process"(ID:1571).


AREFLH is a partner of NUTRIMAN, a Nitrogen and Phosphorus thematic network compiling knowledge for recovered bio-based fertilizer products, technologies, applications and practices. As part of the project, we would like to present you with an innovative product that is presented on the Nutriman Farmers' Platform and is before market introduction. This month you have chosen you Terra-Preta, a biochar product recovered from wood chips and processed by the “3R” high-temperature pyrolysis process. 


The “Terra-Preta biochar” product is a plant biomass by-product based stabile carboniferous substance that is processed under true value reductive 3R thermal conditions. Wood biochar is used for soil improver, usually between 5 t/ha and 20 t/ha to reach any soil improver effect and eco-safe carbon-negative applications. Terra-Preta biochars are highly suitable for soil improver that is mainly based on high dose effects with high water retention capacity. This is very important as many plant crops are very sensitive to abiotic stress as too hot and dry weather, which climate change is already a reality of today. 


This wood-based Terra-Preta biochar could be formulated to BIO-NPK -C in any compounds as of user/market demands for both organic and low input farming application cases. The product is a fully safe innovative soil improver with primary application in the horticultural organic/low input farming cultivations with combined beneficial and multiple effects. The 3R (Recycle-Reuse-Reduce) zero-emission pyrolysis process is EU Authority permitted. One of the properties of wood biochar is its high specific surface area that is influenced by the nature of the organic material and the conditions in which it is produced. It is a product rich in micro and macro-pores, which increase the water retention capacity, allow the development of microorganisms and retain nutrients, releasing them gradually over time.


Input material: wood chips


Nutrient content: (N-P2O5-K2O%) of non-formulated Terra-Preta biochar: 1-0.2-0.5 TC:>80%


Recommended crops: Fresh vegetables and strawberries, permanent crops (fruit trees), grapes, rice, tobacco.


Application dose: 5-20 t/ha. The application rate for biochar depends on the specific soil type and crop management.


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