Sun'Agri 3.

From 01/11/2017 to 01/11/2022

Dynamic agrivoltaisms: a tool for agriculture

Sun’Agri is meeting the challenges of climate change by bringing farmers breakthrough innovation technologieswhich will durably improve production while generating solar energy.

The objective of the third stage of the project is to show that dynamic agrivoltaics is relevant for several crops:

  • Show the efficiency of the solution to the agricultural sector and photovoltaic stakeholders, in real conditions
  • Expand to other climates, cultures and socio-cultural environments ◦reach critical size
    • reach critical size
    • maintain and strengthen our lead
  • Improve the added-value of the agrivoltaic system
    • Reduce costs
    • Increase value by meeting clients’ needs
  • Create a benchmark for homogeneous and controlled development
    • Define best practices
    • Define technical benchmark in France and overseas
    • Prepare a standard

Funded by ADEME (PIA)

Supported by Agro Valo Méditerranée (mutualised team INRA, INRA Transfert andMontpellier SupAgro)

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