GECO is a collaborative knowledge management and exchange platform dedicated to agroecology.

It aims to support the actors of agricultural change in their diversity, in the design of multiperforming and sustainable farming systems. The GECO project team is composed of members of ACTA, INRA and IRSTEA.
GECO is a tool of EcophytoPIC
It is composed of a knowledge base and a space of exchanges, articulated by a semantic model allowing respectively:
  • consult and collaboratively enrich thematic knowledge sheets (Technique, example of implementation, bioagressors, culture, ...);
  • respond to knowledge sheets and participate in ongoing discussions.

The platform offers numerous technical data sheets namely about practices enabling to reduce GHG emissions. Here are some examples:

  • Set performance objectives corresponding to the potentialities of the plots (direct link)
  • Grow species with attractive carbon storage capacity (direct link)
  • Grow legumes / fabaceae (direct link)
  • Split the total nitrogen dose to the crop (direct link)


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