Food Security and Climate Change : 4 per mille initiative new tangible global challenges for the soil.

Organized by Inra in collaboration with University of Poitiers, France

The 4 per mille initiative was launched in 2015 as a global initiative to promote the adoption of economically viable and ecologically sound agricultural practices towards carbon sequestration and food security. 

The present conference provides an exchange forum for scientists, decision makers, funding organizations (agencies), and geopolitical entities to discuss critical issues and realistic opportunities and challenges for the implementation of the initiative.

Through a multistakeholders forum, multitude of valid ideas may be able to gain traction, to implement sustainable practices leading to effective soil sequestration across countries that are needed to alter the fundamental trajectory of our global society and quality of life.

The event will include inclusive round tables aimed at strengthening the involvement of socio-economic researchers, private sector (corporations and non profit) etc. in the initiative. This specifically aims at finding new business models, which include investment in soil capital as a long-term business opportunity.

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