Platforms who change agriculture.





Agriclimate is an initiative launched by Quebec farmers with the aim of better understanding the impacts of climate change on agriculture and finding the best ways to prepare for it. 
Agriclimate utilizes a participatory approach in which farmers and other stakeholders in the agriculture sector develop an awareness of climate change, pinpoint its impacts on the different production types, and identify measures specific to their regions to adapt to it.

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The Agroecology Knowledge Hub is an FAO (Food & Agriculture Organization) platform that gathers knowledge on agroecology.
It provides technical assistance to nations and partners, as well as to their national and local policies and programmes. It also develops partnerships with universities and research institutes and collaborates with farmers' associations.

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The Family Farming Knowledge Hub is also an FAO (Food & Agriculture Organization) platform gathering knowledge on family farming from all around the world.
It systematically integrates and organizes existing information to better inform and assist policy makers, family organizations, development specialists and the various stakeholders working directly in the field, at the local scale, by providing them the knowledge they need.

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The WOCAT Global SLM Database is a global database on Sustainable Land Management. (SLM)
It provides free access to the documentation of field-tested SLM data including SLM practices and maps from different places in the world and offers practitioners the opportunity to share their own SLM practices or maps.
The objective of documenting and assessing SLM practices is to share and spread valuable knowledge in land management, support evidence-based decision-making and scale up identified good practices, thereby contributing to preventing and reducing land degradation and to restoring degraded land.

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URGENCI aims to bring together citizens, small farmers, consumers, activists and concerned political actors at global level, through an alternative economic approach called Local Solidarity-based Partnerships between producers and consumers.

The main objectives are to :

  • Implement fair local food systems as a tool to restore local food sovereignty
  • Defend health through food and also to fight against many forms of malnutrition.
  • Promote civic responsibility in economic relations between farmers and consumers
  • Fight against climate change issues

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This network may be defined as the « Smart Farming Platform ».
It aims to promote and disseminate solutions for digital agriculture.
Smart-AKIS is an European Network mainstreaming Smart Farming Technologies among the European farmer community and bridging the gap between practitioners and research on the identification and delivery of new Smart Farming solutions to fit the farmers’ needs.

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This platform offers several services such as:

  • An alert system (Agrifind Alert)
  • An e-learning system on agricultural innovations
  • Advice to prepare Certiphyto

But also « Agrifind Connexion » which is as a gate for agricultural announcements to find the expert-farmer, the agronomist or the technician. The expert can respond to the users' needs in order to connect farmers to each other and increase the value of their expertise.

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GECO is a collaborative knowledge management and exchange platform dedicated to agroecology.

It aims to support the actors of agricultural change in their diversity, in the design of multiperforming and sustainable farming systems.

It is composed of a knowledge base and a space of exchanges, articulated by a semantic model allowing respectively:
  • consult and collaboratively enrich thematic knowledge sheets (Technique, example of implementation, bioagressors, culture, ...);
  • respond to knowledge sheets and participate in ongoing discussions.
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  Wine Observatory of Hérault

To meet the new challenges faced by wine professionals in the department, the County Council of Herault has set up a wine observatory in 2003. The approach consists of providing wine and vine actors with the means to analyze this sector. It is also a quidance tool for the departmental wine policy.

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Osaé could be defined as an exchange platform on agroecology practices.
It aims to promote the skills  of innovative farmers in agroecology.
The website is based on real and diversified examples of farms and agroecological practices.
It also offers access to technical information illustrating in what conditions the practices were implemented.

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L’Atelier Paysan is a group of farmers and actors (employees or agricultural structures) gathered in a "cooperative society of collective interest".
The approach consists in a re-appropriation of the knowledge of farmers and empowerment in the field of agro-equipment adapted to organic farming.
With the aim of promoting inventions and good agricultural practices by making them accessible through the dissemination of didactic documents or even by offering training in "do-it-yourself" construction.
The AP also supports farmers in their considerations on having agro-equipment adapted to practises in organic farming.

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