Vine & Wine Value Chain.

The CSA Booster aims at being a cluster of actors that gathers upstream and downstream stakeholders of the wine industry, as well as political support, so as to make this topic a priority in the area and collect funding towards impactful projects. The overarching aim is then to develop a dedicated innovation ecosystem on the one hand and promote and scale projects for bigger impact on the other hand. The regional hub will be deployed using the best practices of Climate-KIC from partners and KIC itself.




INRA is aiming at structuring the existing cluster of actors of the wine and vine sector around Climate Smart Agriculture.



The Regional CSA Booster focuses on three objectives:

  • Gather the stakeholders, create awareness, interest, common strategic vision, collaborative links & momentum around the topic in the area. AgroValo from INRA Montpellier and Montpellier SupAgro are well connected with many actors in the area, as well as the UMR “Innovation”, which shall ease this first task by using  the previous INRA work “prospective for the wine industry under climate change” ;
  • Develop education activities on “solutions for the wine industry under climate change”. Different forms and level of training including European Master and professional training will be concerned, coordinated by the regional hub and IHEV ;
  • Co-construct a few proposals and accelerate projects (with expertise and possibly funding, from Climate KIC and other sources) that are linked to Climate impact in the wine & vine sector. Mitigation & adaptation projects will be looked at. These projects will demonstrate the capacity building of the regional Booster.


As a Climate-KIC project, the Agrisource Open-Innovation Platform has been elaborated in the moment at the conception of the Regional Booster. It will then meaningfuly serve as a discussion and information hub for the Vine & Wine Booster community, as well as for any other Booster's community.