Friendly Fruit results presented at final project meeting 2020.


The results of practices tested and implemented during the 3 years of the project were presented at the final project meeting held online on December, 01st & 02nd 2020.

Presentations were organised by topic and we are happy to share them hereunder:

Water management  ]

  • Drone and Artificial Intelligence to help saving water & producing high quality apples
  • Water management by automatic water sensors in apple orchard
  • Monitor soil water potential to optimize crop irrigation in strawberry fields

Soil management and fertilization [  ]

  • Control of soil nutrient availability and optimization of nutrient efficiency on strawberry
  • Mechanical weeding in apple orchards
  • Alternatives to decrease/suppress herbicides and improve C sequestration in apple orchards
  • Use of manures to fertilize apple orchards
  • Modelling ecosystem services in apple orchards
  • Non chemical soil disinfestation in strawberry

Plant material  ]

  • Test of new strawberry cultivars adapted to dry conditions
  • Knowing plant plasticity to optimize strawberry yield using architecture analysis

Biocontrol  ]

  • Pest and disease control in strawberry with limited recourse to synthetic pesticides and enhanced use of biocontrol
  • Innovative strategies for the control of grey mould on strawberry leaves
  • Addition of N fertilization adjustments into the IPM toolbox against powdery mildew of strawberry
  • Innovative sprayer in strawberry fields
  • Biocontrol on apple

Other practices for apple and strawberry [   ]

  • Evaporative cooling for heat waves management on apple
  • Pumping solar system in strawberry production


A synthesis of main outcomes was presented

by the Project Coordinator, François Laurens, INRAE