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Our core strategies set out how we propose to build upon Oxford’s existing strengths and share the knowledge we create with the wider world. They are also informed, as relevant, by our new overarching priorities. Each strategy is expressed as a series of commitments.

Commitment 1. To maintain originality, significance and rigour in research within a framework of the highest standards of infrastructure, training, and integrity.

We believe that deciding what to research is a matter for the individual researcher or research group. This belief reflects the value we accord to the principle of academic freedom, enabling the pursuit of academic enquiry subject to the norms and standards of scholarly undertaking, without interference or penalty. This freedom to seek out truth and understanding, whether through theoretical or empirical means, will ensure that our strong core disciplines flourish.

The maintenance of a sustaining research environment is crucial to the University’s research standing. We will enhance the infrastructure which supports research at the highest level, including libraries, laboratories, museums, and information systems.

We will provide appropriate training in research methods and conduct at all career stages from research student to principal investigator.

Commitment 2. To empower the creative autonomy of individuals to address fundamental questions of real significance and applied questions with potential to change the world.

The unparalleled breadth and depth of Oxford’s expertise enables us to lead the international research agenda across the spectrum of the sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities. Our commitment to the range and depth of our disciplinary work is reflected in sustenance of both applied research and that which may not necessarily yield immediate impact.

Increased engagement with research councils, government departments, and industrial collaborators, will enhance our capacity to set research questions in the context of key international themes. Development of translational activities, of international consultancy and of spin-out companies, will ensure that Oxford’s research endeavours and expertise continue to shape the world.

Commitment 3. To maintain and develop resources, and invest in subject areas of long-term worth.

The University plays a key role in preserving subject areas which may be vulnerable nationally but have not been identified as a priority for government support. This curatorial responsibility encompasses maintaining and developing resources for subsequent generations and training the research leaders and teachers of the future.

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