The European Citizen Consultations .


AREFLH has a partner in the  WASTE4SOIL project “Turning food waste into sustainable soil improvers for better soil health and improved food system”. Waste4Soil aims at developing applicable recycling technical pathways to transform Food Processing Residues (FPR) into improvers, through a circular, system, and multi-actor approach. All food chain actors are involved at the regional level, thereby closing specific loops (nutrients, organic matter, water).

Waste from the agro-food chain is valuable and contains important compounds, including key nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous, and carbon.

Instead of disposing of them in landfills or incinerating them, there are other ways to recover their full potential. Recycling them into biofertilizers is an effective way to utilize the compounds of interest from food waste and reintroduce them into soils that currently lack them.

In the framework of the project this month, we want to invite you to the Europe-wide citizens' consultation!

 One of the Waste4Soil project commitments is to include diverse food chain stakeholders, from farm to fork, to ensure that the solutions the project developed meet their challenges and expectations. Therefore, we are delighted to be launching a consultation aimed at citizens, to give them a new space to give their opinion and share their views on recycling pathways and transforming food residues from the agri-food industries into soil improvers.

 You can therefore take part in the following survey and give your opinion on the project's priorities and actions: The survey is available in 8 languages they are the following:

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