CDAIS Project.

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The CDAIS project

CDAIS is a global partnership whose mission is capacity development for agricultural innovation systems.

Launched in 2015, its main goal is to make agricultural innovation systems more efficient and sustainable in their ability to meet the needs of farmers, agribusiness and consumers to help improve food security. The CDAIS partnership operates in eight pilot countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Actions to build capacity in these eight countries are demand-driven and integrate the development of individual skills and organizational capabilities into policy dialogues.

This will allow for the implementation of capacity-enhancing policies for agricultural innovation systems, joint innovations and organizational culture, practices and procedures of key multi-stakeholder organizations. Building on lessons learned from pilot country experiences, the CDAIS partnership will strengthen the existing Global Mechanism (APT) to stimulate, coordinate and evaluate capacity development approaches to strengthen agricultural innovation.

This mechanism will then feed the national level. The development of what is known as the Common Framework for Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation Systems is in the context of the Agricultural Agriculture Platform (TAP), a G20 initiative launched to support the development of agricultural systems. agricultural innovation capacities in the tropics. CDAIS is a partnership between Agrinatura, a consortium of 31 European universities and research institutes, and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

On a national level

CDAIS uses continuous learning cycles to enhance functional innovation capabilities in Africa, Asia and Central America. In eight pilot countries, CDAIS brings together partners and key players to address often identified challenges and opportunities in specific regions or value chains. Together, international, national and local partners develop and implement capacity development plans for agricultural innovation.

At the World level

CDAIS supports the Tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP) whose mission is to capitalize and consolidate knowledge of agricultural innovations around the world. A general analytical framework is designed to help, evaluate and improve the innovation capabilities of individuals or organizations. It is nourished by continuous feedback from lessons learned from national and local actions. This framework, approved by TAP partners in 2016, focuses on functional capabilities.

Functional capabilities

To succeed in innovating together, the actors must possess two types of capacities: technical and functional capacities. The functional capabilities that the CDAIS project focuses on encompass the different skills required for innovation networks and partnerships to work well: the ability to navigate complexity, the ability to collaborate, the ability to experiment and learn, and the ability to collaborate. to engage in strategic and political processes.

The Program for the Development of Innovation Capacity in Agriculture (CDAIS) is taking place in eight pilot countries in Africa (Angola, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Rwanda), Asia (Bangladesh, Laos) and Latin America (Guatemala, Honduras)

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