Paracou Project.

Da 01/01/1982 a 31/01/2025

Description of the scientific project

The Paracou experimental set-up is a rainforest scientific study center for the international scientific community. The Paracou station is a field device for scientific research, managed by CIRAD. It is part of the Guyafor permanent forest system network.

Disturbance experiment

In 1984, the Cirad team set up 12 square 9ha plots, among which 9 were subjected to logging induced disturbances in 1986-1988.

Biodiverty plots

In 1990-1992, four new plots (3 * 6.25ha + 1 * 25ha) were set up for biodiversity monitoring. No destructive sampling has been authorized at all in these plots.

Guyaflux tower

Guyaflux has been generating data since 2003 to determine the ecosystem CO2 source or sink strengths.

Regeneration plots

The natural regeneration of 25 selected tree species has been monitored inside circular sub-plots of 8m radii, located on a systematic grid inside each plot 1 to 12.

Fertilization plots

In 2015, 12 new 50*50m plots were set up to test the effect of effects of nutrient enrichment on ecosystem processes.

Guyafor network

Guyafor is a network of forest research permanent plots dedicated to long term studies in forest dynamics and biodiversity.


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