MOO: Farm Coal Innovator.

Da 01/08/2018 a 31/12/2018

Farm Coal Innovator (MOO) is a research and innovation project that investigates the feasibility of using low value biomass from dairy and beef cattle farms for production of biochar and bio-based activated coal. Biochar and activated coal has many applications, e.g. it can be used for adsorbing pollutants from liquid (water, wastewater), solid (e.g. soil) and gaseous (flue gas, biogas, air etc.) environments. Moreover, it can be applied in agriculture, including veterinary medicine, feed additive, manure management, soil improvement, and can potentially reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural activities. The concept investigated in MOO project provides benefits for stakeholders along the whole biomass value chain by:

  • Adding value to the so far difficult to use biomass resources (landscape management biomass, late cuts from grasslands and grazing areas)
  • Conservation of high nature value landscapes
  • Regional production of sustainable (bio-based and renewable) activated coal for different applications - development of new value chains
  • Using regionally produced activated coal, e.g. in waste water treatment plants.

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