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The Institute for Integrative Genome Biology (IIGB) was established in 2000 to pioneer solutions for hunger, disease and environmental sustainability - some of the greatest challenges confronting the 21st century. It pursues these aims by embracing advances in genomics technologies and the current trend for increasingly multi-disciplinary research in projects exploring the development of more nutritious foods, disease- and flood-resistant crops, alternative fuel sources and new medical and pharmaceutical treatments, to name a few. 

To address these complex issues, the Institute engages in systems-based research, which melds new computational and technological advances with molecular and cellular biology to increase our understanding of how whole organisms function. For a detailed listing of research areas explored by IIGB members, please browse the People section and read the corresponding faculty profiles. In general, research at the Institute for Integrative Genome Biology encompasses the following broad areas: biology, vector biology, mammalian biology, plant biology, bioengineering and biotechnology.

Currently the Institute embodies the varied and collaborative research efforts of over 100 physical and life scientists, engineers, biologists, computer scientists, and statisticians.

The mission of the Institute for Integrative Genome Biology is to:

  • Foster and support interdisciplinary collaborations among researchers on campus and in the scientific community utilizing a systems-based1 approach to science;
  • Develop novel approaches and technologies to solve complex biological problems;
  • Train students and postdocs in interdisciplinary research;
  • Explore the translational development of potentially commercial technologies and projects.

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