French Livestock Institute .

149 Rue de Bercy 75595 Paris

An R&D organization, the French reference for ruminants' production sector


The French Livestock Institute aims at improving the competitiveness of herbivore farming and related value chains, while taking into account the diversity of national territories and livestock systems.

Our R&D activites generate technical solutions to cattle, sheep, goat and equine livestock farmers, to value chains economic actors, complying with social issues such as animal welfare, traceability, environmental footprint.

Our activities encompass:

  •     applied research
  •     studies
  •     technical assistance
  •     and technology transfer

in the following fields:

  •     genetics
  •     animal husbandry
  •     environment
  •     animal health and welfare
  •     products quality
  •     value chains and commodity chains economics
  •     livestock systems
  •     farm human resources
  •     information systems
  •     international cooperation

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