#DigitAg, Digital Agriculture Convergence Lab.

361 Rue Jean François Breton 34196 MONTPELLIER

#DigitAg is the French Digital Agriculture Convergence Lab, based in Montpellier, in the South of France. It brings together 400 researchers and higher education teachers from leading French organizations in this field.


We work on new digital tools and services to be transferred to the agricultural sector. Sensors, connected objects, smartphones, satellite images, UAV (drones), IoT, big data, High-Performance Computing, as well as advisory services, territory governance, frugal innovation, ethics, privacy and management… are some of our keywords used to meet the food security and environmental sustainability challenge.


What is our goal? In a rapidly evolving digital world, ICT must be developped in a farmer-friendly way to help agriculture to be competitive.

To meet this research goal, we have set up innovative interdisciplinary programs bringing together the different stake-holders.
8 industrial partners are involved in our research programs, courses and conferences, and work together with researchers and teachers to achieve common goals for the future of agriculture.

We offer grants for PhD and post-doc students as well as high-level foreign scientists.


Montpellier (France) Spot 6 Image, 10 March 2016 © Airbus DS 2016, © All right reserved by IRD, Irstea, IGN Production

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