INRA (BFP Biologie du Fruit et Pathologie - INRA / Université de Bordeaux).

71, av. Edouard Bourlaux 33882 Villenave d'Ornon

BFP was created by the merging, on January 1st 2011 of UMR 619 "Biologie du Fruit" and 1090 "Genomique, diversité et Pouvoir Pathogène ".

It was joined in 2012-2013 by scientitsts of the Fruit Research Unit (UREF) and is currently strong of more than 160 personnel working in the field of Plant Sciences. UMR 1332 BFP is a partnership between INRA [Divisions of Biology and Plant Breeding (BAP) and Plant Health and Environment (SPE)] and the University of Bordeaux.

The UMR is a member of the Federative Research Structure "Biologie Intégrative et Ecologie".

Research efforts are developed in three strong topics, the study of early development and of quality traits build-up for fleshy fruits, the study of non-culturable plant pathogens and their interactions with their host plants or vectors, and the study of the adaptation of fruit trees (cherry) to climate change.

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