The first MOOC on Organic Agriculture.


The first MOOC on Organic Farming will open on April 16, 2018


VetAgro Sup launches at the beginning of the year a MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) * on organic farming called MOOC BIO. Led by VetAgro Sup and co-built with Agreenium and INRA, this online training is for a wide audience: whether you are a student, a local elected official, an employee, a citizen, a consumer, a farmer ... come understand and question Organic Agriculture.

This very first session is organized around a common core of 4 thematic sequences and a cross-cutting issue of choice that is debated in society. Bases of specifications, agricultural production, through diversity, the dynamics of territories and issues that are debated in society, pedagogy is based on simplicity, scientific rigor and interactivity.

Through the sharing of the know-how and expertise of 8 authors from different schools of agronomists, research and development, and many partners, the MOOC BIO will provide an informed and well-informed opinion on Organic Farming ... At the heart of the system: presentations, activities, field surveys, collaborative work ... Various exercises and tests will, in addition, reinforce the concepts discussed.

The MOOC BIO will complete the range of high level courses offered by higher agricultural education.

This eight-week course will begin on April 16, 2018. Registration is open on the FUN website (France Université Numérique). The courses are in FRENCH ONLY.

* These courses are of a university level; they are broadcast on the internet, are free and freely accessible. No prerequisites are required from the participants. The number of registrants per course can range from a few thousand to more than 100,000 participants.

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