Agro Paris Tech.

16 rue Claude Bernard 75231 Paris

AgroParisTech (Paris Institute of Technology for Life, Food and Environmental Sciences) is a higher education and research institution in the fields of agricultural sciences, food, forestry, management of spaces and natural resources and land management and development. The Institute offers high level training for Master of Science in Engineering, Master of Science and PhD students as well as lifelong learning programs, while focusing on research and innovation thanks to its joint research units (mostly in cooperation with INRA, the French National Institute for Agricultural Research, as well as with CIRAD, IRSTEA, CNRS, Universities and other “Grandes Ecoles”).

AgroParisTech is organized in 5 education and research departments:

  • Agronomy, Forestry, Water and Environmental Science and Technology
  • Life Science and Health
  • Science and Engineering for Food and Bioproducts
  • Social science, Economics and Management
  • Modeling: Mathematics, Informatics and Physics

AgroParisTech is recognized as the leading French Graduate School in Agronomy, Environment, Life Science and Food Technology, being one of the foremost and most prestigious French “Grandes Ecoles”. Furthermore, AgroParisTech is ranked 3rd at the European level and 9th at the global level by the QS Ranking for the subject “Agriculture and Forestry” in 2017.

AgroParisTech is one of the founding members of the Université Paris-Saclay (, whose aim is to be the largest European multidisciplinary campus by pooling courses and research of the highest national and international standards. AgroParisTech is also a member of Agreenium (, an institute gathering French key academic actors in the agricultural, food, forestry and veterinary fields.

The development of sustainable partnerships as well as the participation or the coordination of new research, innovation and education projects within the European Higher Education and Research Area is currently at the forefront of AgroParisTech International Strategy.

Some key figures about AgroParisTech : 250 academic staff; 450 associated researchers; 500 engineers, technicians and administrative staff; 24 joint research units; 2300 students (~20% international) including 360 doctoral students (~40% international); 8 campuses (4 in Paris Region, Nancy, Montpellier, Clermont-Ferrand, French Guiana).

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