A model for selecting seeds depending on the climate .


How do we know if a seed is suitable for a given environment ? How to predict the yield it will have in a particular climate ?

This is what farmers need to know. The yield depends on complex interactions between the genotype of the seed and environmental conditions.

Researchers from Inra and WUR (Wageningen University and Research, Pays-Bas) have developed a model enabling to predict the yield for each maize variety according to its genes and environmental conditions. To achieve that, they took into account the yields of 246 varietiessowed on 25 sites in Europe and Chile. This model is a valuable tool to know the peformance of each seed depending on the field where it is grown. It will enable to value the genetic diversity of maize and help agriculture to adapt to climate change. This work has been published in Nature Genetics of May, 20th 2019.

Complete version available in French and Spanish on INRA's website


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