Fertilizing vineyards with organic compost.

Vineyard soils are particularly poor in organic matter, which is a critical weakness when facing climate change.

Bringing compost to a vineyard, associated to an improved soil management (grass bands, no-till tecnics, shredding...) should answer to more than one climatic constraint :

  • increasing the soil available water capacity : an additionnal 1% carbon retained in the soil could increase by 20% the amount of water available for the vine
  • securing the amount of nutrients available for the plant
  • improving the soil structure and the vine's rooting, which means offering a better resilience to climatic hazards
  • directly and indirectly retaining more carbon
  • recycling organic wastes from plant and/or urban activities
  • Increasing the humification index and microbial biomass 

In order to conduct such improvements actions, there is a wide choice of compost types, different levels of application and burying strategies.

Author : Marc Nougier (SupAgro)





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