Drip irrigation in the vineyard.

This does not address the strategic choice of adopting an irrigated or non-irrigated system. We are talking in the case of a winemaker who has already made the choice of an irrigated vineyard. In this case, the dripping device presents very interesting perspectives in terms of water saving (efficiency between 85 and 95%), precision, automation and fertigation (simultaneous irrigation and fertilization).

Install a dripping irrigation of the vine can be done by suspended pipes (pipes positioned at the foot of the vines) or by a buried device, which improves the efficiency of watering. In this case the work is quite feasible from the moment we know how to handle a mini excavator. According to the IFV, the different steps to install a burried dripping irrigation system are:

  •         digging trenches (between 30 and 40 cm deep) and bringing the water distribution combs to the plot
  •         the assembly of the feeding station and its connection to the combs
  •         the unwinding, the installation of the ramps and their connection to the combs
  •         installing a volumetric meter and refilling

The Chamber of Agriculture of Herault estimated at thirty hours, the time of work necessary for the installation of a drip system on the ground or suspended.

The most time-consuming operations are the installation of the ramps and their connection to the combs distributing water.

Author : Marc Nougier (SupAgro)




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