Laos Department of Agricultural Land Management.


Management and development of agricultural land across the country.


Responsabilities of the Laos Department of Agricultural Land :

  • Research to present a draft legislative and regulatory framework for its sector as a tool for managing, using, protecting, developing, organizing, disseminating, advertising and monitoring the use of agricultural land to be effective;
  • Carry out surveys, allocate, identify areas of agricultural land, and conduct research on the registration of the land, in coordination with the relevant parties in order to properly manage and use them;
  • Study and conduct agricultural division, classification and classification of agricultural land, preserve, manage the use and development of sustainable agricultural land in the potential of each locality;
  • Research, coordinate with local authorities and stakeholders to carry out surveys, allocate and allocate agricultural land to production groups, operators and farmers' families to manage and use them in production, with the creation of agricultural land census for the purpose of issuing agricultural land certificates;
  • Coordinate with local authorities and relevant stakeholders to manage and transform the agricultural land use targets according to the laws;
  • Research and coordinate with the relevant parties to review the economic scenarios and assess the impact of proposed investment, lease or concession of agricultural land before the proposal is approved, and to monitor the use of land of investors and contractors in accordance with contracts and laws;
  • Coordinate with related parties to study methods and propose forms of restoration and improvement of agricultural land in accordance with actual conditions to serve agricultural production in the direction of clean, industrial and modern agriculture, to maintain the environment;
  • Coordinate with the relevant stakeholders in demonstration and dissemination of appropriate technologies and technologies in the use of agricultural land, using fertilizers and improving the various types of agricultural land to maximize the benefits of local conditions;
  • Coordinate with relevant stakeholders to undertake soil research and other production factors for information on land use planning and improvement of soil quality in the most productive agricultural production;
  • Build and train provincial, district, village and people workers in order to strengthen and upgrade the effective management, utilization and development of agricultural land; Also, to create district-level volunteer and village volunteers to serve in the production area for the people and entrepreneurs in a timely manner;
  • Compile, manage, supply, provide land information services, develop manuals and disseminate information relating to the management and development of agricultural land to the society;
  • Contact and cooperate with relevant parties, both inside and outside the country, to take advantage of technical and technical assistance to implement programs, plans and projects in their areas of work;

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