Liquid and solid (dried) fraction digestate from manure and energy maize by “Agrogas” process (ID:264).


AREFLH is a partner of NUTRIMAN, a Nitrogen and Phosphorus thematic network compiling knowledge for recovered bio-based fertiliser products, technologies, applications and practices.

Within the framework of the projects, we wish to put forward an innovative product that is available on the market. This month we chose AGROGAS, a liquid and dried fraction digestate from manure and energy maize.


The interesting characteristics of digestates, in general, are that: 

  • They are multi-nutrient (N, P, K,..) soil  improver  or  fertilizer  that has been homogenized, mostly hygienics
  • They have a higher NRV compared to the initial feedstocks.

The digestate of Agrogas is produced along a ‘vegetal’ line and an ‘animal’ (animal manure status) line. The digestate is separated into a liquid and a solid fraction. It must be kept in mind that the composition of digestate can vary depending on the flow of input materials that are digested.

Prices for digestate can vary between negative prices – depending on NPK- content and whether or not the digestate has an animal manure status (competition with manure in e.g.  Flemish region) and positive prices (35€/ton) for dried digestate with high dry weight (85-90%)


Input material: manure, organic wastes (cfr Vlarema (Flanders) and positive list FOD (B)) and/or energy maize


Nutrient content info: dried solid fraction: 2,4-3,1 N% (dm), 3,7-5,5% P2O5 (dm),1,5-4,2% K2O (dm); Liquid fraction: 5,7-9,9 N% (dm), 2,1-6,4% P2O5 (dm), 5,4- 8,9% K2O (dm)


For which crop:  Agrogas liquid and dried digestate from manure are recommended for cereals, fresh vegetables and strawberries, potatoes, sugar beet, fresh vegetables and strawberries, grapes, permanent crops (fruit trees), permanent grassland.

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