Environment-friendly innovations in strawberry production.


After three years of experimentation, important outputs have been reached in following areas.

Main applications of the project results are:

  • the use of sensors for water management tested in strawberry farm labs in Morocco,
  • prototypes of photovoltaic panels on the ground to feed a pump to lift water from wells,
  • new disease-resistant hybrids created in France and Italy and tested in Morocco,
  • a new sprayer reducing the use of products and the risk for exposure for the applicator,
  • IPM experiments performed in the lab and in greenhouse,
  • pre-plant soil disinfection offering alternative practices to chemical soil disinfection,
  • and interesting research on plant architecture.

The Friendly Fruit project enabled to develop standalone leaflets dedicated to farmers and stakeholders to disseminate the Friendly Fruit practices.

For each practice experimented within the project (about 10 per crop), a leaflet (i.e. a synthetic 2 pages) describes the practice, the conditions for its implementations and its performances, and provides a summary of the experimentation

The booklet/compilation of leaflets provides synthetic and sufficient relevant information to encourage the adoption of practices, that best suit the farm constraints and material capacities.

The booklet can be downloaded from the Document section of Friendly Fruit |  ]