INRA - Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique .

147 rue de l'Université 75338 Paris

INRA - French National Research Institute for Agriculture

First ranking research institute in agriculture in Europe, second worldwide agricultural science provider, the INRA conducts researches concerning major society stakes. It is a nationwide organisation of public scientific research, directed by both the Research and the Agriculture French Ministries.

Our job :

to explore, understand, experiment and think ahead

Our goal :

to give people freedom of choice and the ability to innovate

Our specialties :

Food, nutrition, agriculture and the environment

Our focal issues :

Competitiveness, regional land use, health, sustainable development and bioeconomy

The participation of the INRA in developing the Agrisource platform directly highlights a double involvment that is at the heart of our institution : it is about both supporting Innovation, and seeking for a society with sustainable production and consumption modes. Encouraging Agrisource means a better access to knowledge, and to open platforms that allow direct experience sharing. This is a powerful tool to build synergies among all actors, like the CSA Booster. We now know for a fact that it is the kind of measure ensuring us of better chances to effectively tackle the climate change challenge.

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