Scale out 4 ‰.

From 01/01/2018 to 31/12/2018

The project "Action Plan to Scale out the 4 ‰ Initiative" (Scale Out 4 ‰), funded by the Climate KIC, aims to allow a better dissemination and implementation of practices contributing to the objectives of Initiative 4 ‰: soils for food security and climate.

This project is based on a double observation:

  • the soil's potential for climate change mitigation and adaptation is still largely unknown;
  • large-scale development of soil carbon sequestration practices remains hypothetical.

It is necessary to mobilise potential contributors in the public and private sectors in order to develop joint action steps and concrete propositions to help spreading the 4‰ Initiative widely.

The project has two objectives:

  • work on the identification of constraints affecting the spreading of the 4‰ Initiative (Soils for Food Security and Climate) innovations or investments
  • and propose solutions for alleviating those constraints.

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