Use of Egerolysin Proteins for Pest Control and Disease Control.

Da 01/01/2016 a 31/12/2018

The aim of the proposed project is to evaluate the potential of various recombinant fungal and bacterial egerolysins, as well as combinations of egerolysins and
partner proteins with the MACPF domain, to act as bio-pesticides against some of the currently most harmful insects and other selected invertebrates. We will
study the interactions of egerolysins with membrane lipids and soluble lipid derivatives, and determine the crystalline structures of these complexes. Thus, we will
get new structural data needed for further protein engineering in order to increase pesticide properties. In addition, the results of the study will further highlight
the biological role of the proteins of the Egerolysin family. Although egerolysins are found in a wide variety of organisms, and although they are expressed in large
quantities in production organisms, their biological role remains a mystery.

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