Systematic burrial of field organic fertilizers.

Volatilization of ammonia nitrogen following application of organic products reduces the availability of mineral nitrogen for crops. The nature of the product supplied, as well as its ammoniacal nitrogen content, are decisive factors. Because of their high content, slurry manures are for example the most subject to this volatilization. Other factors are also taken into account, the pH of products and soils, the dry matter content, or the agroclimatic conditions of application.

Volatilization is a significant loss of nitrogenous fertilizer components, coupled with a source of greenhouse gas emissions. It is therefore necessary to imagine ways to reduce these losses to a minimum.

The burial of the effluents during their application allows a significant reduction of these emissions. Studies show that most of the volatilization occurs during the first two days after application, or even within the next few hours, hence the importance of developing techniques for almost immediate burial of the effluent.


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