From 01/01/2012 to 01/01/2016

Climate change is a major stake pour the vine and wine sector. Its effects can already be seen in many vinyards, and vary depending on the region : anticipation of grape harvest dates, decreasing yield, modification of wines characteristics...

The French public research wants to point out those impacts. Most of all there is a need to explore and put to trial all ways of adapting to climate change. The LACCAVE project wishes to answer those specific stakes. The project federates all INRA and associated labs researchers (from CNRS and Universities) who work in France on adapting the vine and wine sector to climate change.

LACCAVE aims at learning, coordinating and leading researches in numerous disciplins : climatology, ecophysiology, genetics, agronomy, plante pathology, oenology, economics, sociology, geography, mathematics. Those works are part of a wider perspective on horizon 2050. It is part of the ACCAF metaprogram of the INRA, which coordinates projects studying the adaptation of forests and agriculture to climate change on multiple scalings.


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