Ctifl - Centre technique interprofesionnel des fruits et légumes.

22 rue Bergère 75009 Paris

Ctifl is a non-profit organisation. All experimentation, studies, training and publications are aimed at improving the level of expertise necessary in all sectors of the fruit and vegetable industry, as well as improving company performance.

Ctifl is particularly involved in carrying out work of general interest to the public sector under the aegis of the government. In answer to consumer concerns Ctifl’s expertise contributes to managing quality, to guaranteeing food safety and hygiene as well as traceability, to preserving the environment and to striving for sustainable development.

Facing society’s demands and the challenges of tomorrow, Ctifl aids communication and consultation between all those involved in the fruit and vegetable industry. From the grower to the retailer, each sector is represented in the decision-making bodies : board of directors, executive board and committees.

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