Friendly Fruit results presented at final project meeting.


The results of practices tested and implemented during the 3 years of the project were presented at the final project meeting held online on 01st and 2nd December 2020.

Presentations were organised by topic and we are happy to share them.

Here is the list of all presentations that tiy cab view and download unter tab 'Documents':

Water management

  • Drone and Artificial Intelligence to help saving water & producing high quality apples
  • Water management by automatic water sensors in apple orchard
  • Monitor soil water potential to optimize crop irrigation in strawberry fields

Soil management and fertilization

  • Control of soil nutrient availability and optimization of nutrient efficiency on strawberry
  • Mechanical weeding in apple orchards
  • Alternatives to decrease/suppress herbicides and improve C sequestration in apple orchards
  • Use of manures to fertilize apple orchards
  • Modelling ecosystem services in apple orchards
  • Non chemical soil disinfestation in strawberry

Plant material

  • Test of new strawberry cultivars adapted to dry conditions
  • Knowing plant plasticity to optimize strawberry yield using architecture analysis


  • Pest and disease control in strawberry with limited recourse to synthetic pesticides and enhanced use of biocontrol
  • Innovative strategies for the control of grey mould on strawberry leaves
  • Addition of N fertilization adjustments into the IPM toolbox against powdery mildew of strawberry
  • Innovative sprayer in strawberry fields
  • Biocontrol on apple

Other practices

  • Evaporative cooling for heat waves management on apple
  • Pumping solar system in strawberry production
  • Synthesis of main outcome

A synthesis was presented by Project Coordinator, François Laurens, INRAE