Friendly Fruit.

From 01/02/2018 to 01/02/2021

This demonstrator project is funded by EIT Climate-KIC/CSA Booster.

It aims at implementing the practices, selected in the previous Ideator project (Fruit Value Chain), on strawberry and apple in different sites (Morocco, France, Italy, Spain) representing various pedo-climatic and economical situations. 

Research Institutes and Experimental centers bring their expertise to assess for the impacts of these practices on agronomical performances, on environment and social organization, which will be implemented via Corporate Partners Supply Chains on Farm Level and all these knowledge will be disseminated to achieve industry-wide impact.

The project aims not only at defining, systematizing and implementing agricultural practices for various climatic and soil types, but also at bringing systematic change based on scientific expertise towards sustainable agriculture in the fruit value chains.

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